May I opt out of all of the extra content that have been added to my course?

Kyle Chalko
Kyle Chalko
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Since we have launched in April of 2019, we have continued to refine both our content and our platform. We are rolling out some course changes which we believe will continue to enhance the user experience and quality of content in Pathway. 

Because of these continual changes, you might experience a scenario where new content (quiz, video, or article) is added to a previous section you have already completed. Because these new contents are being added to previous units, you will not be able to finish the course without completing them, even if you had already passed that. We know this is not ideal.

If you would rather not have to complete the new content from sections you’ve already passed, simply contact us once you’ve completed the rest of the course and we will waive those quizzes for you individually. You should still be able to continue where you last left off. We think this change will help you progress through the course faster and help guide your learning more directly. 

If you have already completed this course, your certificate of completion is still valid, and you do not need to work on these assignments. 

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