What are some of your features for the Courses?

Kyle Chalko
Kyle Chalko
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Pathway implements many features that are new to Credentialing Education. Here are some of our most popular features.

  • Fully-Online: All your courses and materials are online. This means you don't need to buy books! All you need is your computer or smartphone.
  • Subscription Based: A subscription of $50 a month will give you access to our entire catalog. This opens all credentialing courses and electives for you.
  • App-Based: Our app enables you to access your courses anywhere and anytime. Find our app by searching for "Pathway Training" in your app store!
  • College Credit: We have partnered with AG universities to help you continue your studies. You may transfer over more than a full year's worth of credits!
  • Self-Paced: You can progress as fast as you like. There are no due dates for any assignments, and you may take as long as you want in any course!
  • Gamified Experience: Earn points and badges to level up as you progress through our courses! Check our leaderboard to see how you match up to your friends.
  • No Textbooks: Using material we’ve created, and material that is already online for free, we have curated everything you need to read. There is no need to buy any textbooks, although we do recommend many for supplemental reading.
  • Off-line learning: Using our mobile app, students can download many of the videos, readings, and quizzes so they can have access even where there is no data or wifi.

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